Sunday, January 16, 2011

Why do you have quilt ALL the time?

Has anyone here ever been given the guilt-trip for doing your quilting while watching TV? In one of my former lives, when I was young enough to get up from the couch fast enough to answer the phone, I was in a relationship with someone who would get pissed-off if I happened to be hand quilting during a movie. And now, I am old enough, maybe a little crazy over the situation(s), and have a blank page of blogland begging for the attention, to finally defend myself.

WTF. Please explain to me, because maybe I just don't understand, why it is so terrible that I am actually enjoying myself while watching TV? Why are the people who get irritated by this doing absolutely nothing except melting their brain in front of the tube? Is this right? Seriously, think about this. What is wrong with this picture?

Boy, you had better hope that I have something constructive in my itchy hands to keep them busy, because I swear, the next time that someone EVER tries to make me feel guilty about my hobby, I am going to throw them into my trunk with a shovel, plastic bag, and duct tape. Granted, I will probably be butt-tired at that point; and instead of doing something 'drastic', I will just leave them in there for a little while. Give them a few minutes in there to think the situation over. I guarantee that if you do this one step, your honey will let you move the long arm into the living room plus hand over the remote. Let us not forget, ladies, about the whole ''Hell, fury, and woman scorned'' bit. NOTHING makes a man see the light more than a crazy person with sharp tools.

These days, I am very blessed to be married to a man who understands the fragility of my mind; and he is blessed to be married to a woman who loves to watch him play Black Ops on his X Box 360. Tea anyone?


Wendy said...

Oh Lady :) bring the tea ... I'm standing in the choir listen to your sermon!!! Your man is truly lucky to have you! I think my man's trouble is he has no hobby but to put down mine ... and melt his brain with soulless t.v. watching .... LOL I might just have to find the plastic bags, duct tape and shovel, it might help! LOL

Marsi @ The Cottage Cheese said...

Ha! You are too funny. I think it's fantastic that you do something that you love - and that is actually constructive - while you're watching TV :)