Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mug Rug #1

I know that the is a pretty big hint of how the mug rug is going to look; but the person that I am making it for has no clue that it is for her. I started planning it last night, then immediately began going through my gold and yellow scraps (thank God for scraps!). Then I got to sewing. I am so anal-retentive that I can only do these English paper-piece method. I will never do them another way. I also started planning the second one since we are supposed to make two of them to exchange. I might start cutting fabric for that one tonight.

Speaking of tonight; it's our neighborhood ladies night, and boy is it going to be good. I am bringing my camera so watch for pictures of a bang-up time!

Oh, and my car is totaled.


Rhonda said...

Monica.....sorry to hear about the car....but you know even a bump can total cars these days.

Cat said...

Love the gold and yellows! I made a quilt once (well, actually, it was a tree skirt) but it is such an addicting hobby and everything is so organized :) So sorry to hear about your car...I am very glad that you sound okay? Best, Cat