Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Big 10 Inch Rules

The rules:
This swap is for 10 inch square charms of fabric in masculine prints.  Each sign-up person will cut 32 squares out of 2.333 yards (or 2.5 if you like to occasionally crooked cut).  You should be able to get 4 squares from each width of fabric.  

The fabrics that we are looking for can be geometric, large or small prints, tone on tones, or medium to dark in color.   They are muddy, earth tone-type fabrics.  They can have minimal amounts of white or cream on them as long as the fabric mostly reads a medium to dark, muddy color.  Please do not use prints that are light, or have a light background.  Email me if you have any questions on this.  No florals. No feminine prints.  No theme fabrics (such as fishing, hunting, hobbys, sports, etc).  No solids.  No bright colors. (no bright reds, bright blues, bright yellows, or bright oranges) These colors are fine as long as they are a subdued earth-tone version. No batiks.

Here are some examples of lines that have great prints, but please don’t limit yourself to these.  I just wanted to provide an idea:  -Hope Valley (the greens and grays), Painters Canvas, Gatsby, Modern Meadow (think Timber colors), Woodgrains by Joel Dewberry, Curious Nature by David Butler, Michael millers zen garden (blenders), Arnolds Attic, Neutral Territory (the non florals),….

*Yes! Medium to Dark earth-tone prints, such as slate, gray, brown, brick, ocre, terra cotta, dark mustard, denim, smoke blue, get the idea

Fabrics should be 100% cotton. Use quilt store quality fabric (no JoAnn’s or Walmart fabrics)  I say this, but I think that the DS Quilts line at JoAnn is fine, unless anyone raises a stink about it.  Please let me know if this would bother you to receive. Do not prewash, but ironing is okay; in fact, please iron if wrinkles are present.  When cutting 10 inch squares, please do not include selvages.

You will need to have a flickr account to join so that you can post pictures of your fabric choice(s).  This is done to avoid duplicate fabrics.

I will post a sign up discussion page, and a mailing instructions page in the flickr group.

Mail date is June 15th.  

Please pass this information on to anyone who you may think would want to join!

Here is the Flickr group page:

Feel free to join for this and future 10 inch swaps. 

Monday, May 7, 2012

Well, I am hosting my first charm swap.  I think that the only thing hard about this for me will be learning how to make a button, linking a html code to the button, and (this part is the hardest) making sure that the link actually works.  So, if things look a little shaky the first day or two, please, either be extremely patient with me as I am self taught, or kindly tell me what the hell it is I am doing wrong :).  The easy part is laying down the rules and guidelines, and being in charge of receiving the fabrics, sorting, then mailing them back out again.  I say this is easy, because I am an optimist.  I am pretty sure that life has given me much larger hurdles than this silly little swap can send my way.  So I am ready, and willing, to take those bulls horns and give 'em a shake.

Info on the actual swap will come soon on the next post.  Here is a teaser: