Saturday, January 15, 2011

New BOM; and it's FREE to boot!

Molly is one of the Wacky Pack gals that are famous all over the state of Texas (and various other states in the collection of 50). Famous for being the craziest women on the loose with rotary cutters. I am proud and honored to call them friends. You are not allowed to hang out with these girls unless you carry enough money for a weeks worth of fabric and/or bail money.
I still pee like a puppy, so I just bask in their aura.

Anyway! Molly has designed yet another Block of the month called Boot Bash that you are welcome and encouraged to join featuring cowboy boots with each months individual theme. This woman is amazing because she does all of this and cooks too. She is like the Pioneer Woman with a branding iron.

I am really diggin' the January block already, and thinking that I have some great scraps to put together for this one. Maybe I will put together a kit! Go check out her blog, and tell her I sent you. (not that I get any fancy gifts for it, but she would like to know that I am still breathing!)

talk to ya'll soon!


Molly Mandeville Fryer said...

Bask in our aura? ROTFLMAO!! You are abou the greatest friend and who knows--gifts just might be in the mail for this one. I am so glad you approve as it was you who gave me constructive criticism during the designing stages. Thanks you and love you, you little "wet behind the ears thang" (yah right). Sometime soon let's talk EQ!

Nicole said...

It is an adorable block. My little Texas-Girl would love that one right away.