Saturday, March 14, 2009

3 more blocks

I want you all to know that these are going together slowly. I didn't get these three done since my last entry, they have been in the works for a while. (4 1/2 inch)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Big Top

This is Big Top (F-1...I wonder what the 'F' stands for?) from my Dear Jane quilt that I started. This block was pretty easy once I took the bull by the horns. But that bull chased me for a few miles before I decided enough is enough. The edges look like they are ruffled, but that is because I squashed it down on the scanner. it measures 4 1/2 inch finished.
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Monday, March 9, 2009

But Seriously, Folks

Gosh, so much has happened. I didn't write for a while because everything was touch and go for a few months because of my husband's job. He works for a tech industry company that (like everyone else) is restructuring, downsizing, and simply trying to keep afloat. His hours had been cut way back, which really put a crimp in the old budget. We counted our blessings, however, that he stayed employed through the hardest part. My heart and prayers go out to those individuals and families who are struggling in the worst economy that we have seen in a long, long, while.

I know that when things get like this, I do something really stupid like, well, like starting a Dear Jane quilt. I need a new intricately pieced, horrendously huge, completely irrational project to take up all of my worry time. O.K., but you guys don't understand...they have a support group. I was all for it until I realized that the support group was not there to help you quit, they are what I call "enablers". Just when you think that you can put those little blocks away in a box and bury them in the back of the closet, some lady who has already made ten Dear Jane quilts says "well sweetie, you just paper piece that one and applique the diamonds. You can handle this one, as smart as you are." Well, what am I supposed to do? The poor thing thinks I'm smart, and let's face it, I don't hear that too much anymore. Plus, if I only ate OREOs when I was worried or stressed, I would be sitting on two chairs instead of one right now. Seriously.