Tuesday, June 15, 2010

When You Fail to Plan, You Plan to Fail

Yesterday, I removed EQ5 and EQ6 upgrade from my computer....Because my EQ7 was delivered! finally. I am so excited to plug all of my quilt files into this baby and plan away. I can't wait to use and play with some of the new features.

I just don't know how I would get along without it now that I have it in my life. I wasted so much time before EQ came along just planning borders, figuring yardage, making templates, making mistakes. I am pretty darn good with math, but now I can free up valuable brain space for important things like facebook and blogging.

I know that I should read the tips and lessons, and I promise to do that. But first I want to just jump in and look around for a few hours. I will report back to you all soon on what I think of the all new quilt program. Have a great day quilting, everyone.


Rhonda said...

Oh boy Monica.....learn quickly and then share all the things that my tiny little brain can't comprehend.....no really, I'm serious!!!

Suzy said...

How exciting! Mine is tracked to arrive on Thursday! I can't wait! Have fun playing with yours! :o)