Thursday, June 10, 2010

Quilt 'til ya Wilt

Don't you just LOVE it? I just got this one done yesterday for B and B quilting. The pattern is called 'Out on a Limb'. I think that I am going to use the same pattern using some of my vegetable fabric.

Considering that I have a 4 month old baby that I still breastfeed, and a 4 year old (that just became potty trained-YAY!), I manage to complete many projects. I know that there are a few of you out there that might be reading, saying ''Well, what the hell? When are you going to send my project back to me?'' I promise that they will be done this month. I am so sick of having all of these other projects taking up my valuable quilting space so I am on a crazy mission of completion right now.

I am also teaching a class pretty soon on project organization and meeting your quilting goals. So, I don't want to be to be hypocritically telling people how it's done. As long as I follow my little magic plan, I find myself getting all of these babies done. Many people ask me how I get so many things done. They say ''Didn't you just have a baby? How do you find the time? What does your medicine cabinet look like?'' One gal said that she quit quilting completely until her kids went off to college. Not quilt for 18 years?

There is a small list that I have of things that I will never give up until I am put into a box:

1) Quilting
2) Coffee
3) Chocolate
4) Loving my family

I was going to add alcohol, but let's face it; I can disgruntledly live without...if I really had to. But I really love, love, love Mexican Martinis.

NOT QUILT FOR 18 YEARS!? I can easily imagine a flock of pigs before that happens.
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Rhonda said...

Love the quilt....Miss Talented!