Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Book o' the Week

I love this quilt idea. It has very simple blocks; and simple usually isn't my style. I can see any little boy loving this quilt. There are not too many quilt ideas for boys these days that don't incorporate some kind of licensed printed fabric. Both of my parents worked at Burlington Northern Railroad before everything became computerized. Dad was a train dispatcher, mom was a keyboard operator. They lived in Minot, North Dakota at the time. I was happy to see a few tidbits about ''back home'' in the book as North Dakota was/is a big railroad state. I never heard any stories about hobos though, other than the one my sister, JoAnn and her husband, Carl told me about Oriska, North Dakota. The railroad tracks go through the small town right next to their house and Oriska's cemetery. Carl's family takes care of the cemetery; so they are the people that will dig the 6 footer should anyone need one. Unfortunately, since the cemetery is right next to the tracks, many, many hobos were buried there in unmarked graves, and occasionally, one is accidentally dug up when preparing a new grave. I cannot think of why so many of them were buried there other than it's damn shittin' cold up there and many of them probably froze to death in the cars. The hobos most likely all knew of a little place called Oriska that they could put their 'knights of the road' friends or family to rest. Even if you don't make the quilt, buy the book. Its neat. I'm glad I did.

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Cat B said...

Thanks for popping by my blog and leaving your comment :)
I forgot to add to my birthday blog that I did infact get to Disneyland (HongKong) 2 years ago - so now Disneyland & Princess Cake under my belt my childhood feels 'almost' completed!
I LOVE the idea of the quilt on the cover of this book.
I've brought a lot of mens shirts from the op shop and can imagine them being made up into something like this for my train crazy 4 year old!