Thursday, June 17, 2010

Getting a break!

I took a break from my projects (to start a new one?) I bought this pattern a few years ago to use with my silk Japanese kimono fabric. The picture you see above is using regular quilting cotton because I didn't want to practice on my silks. I have come a long way with perfecting my paper piecing skills in just a few short months. (Thank you Carol Doak!) If you are ever in the middle of a project and you are in the phase of tearing your hair out or if your brain cells are falling out of your is time to cheat. I always have a list of things that I want to try, whether that is a technique, a sample of a block, or a new stitch on my machine. Whenever I get crazy, I just take a break from that project with one of these things. It is usually just a short, quick thing; something to take my mind off of the other one for just a few hours or a day. (Maybe I should list these in a little black book...that would be funny.) I find that it is much easier to tackle that stupid project that seems to laugh at me from time to time.

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Cat B said...

I love this block!
I'm doing a bee at the moment and this months theme is people and places, I've done my house block and am really challenged with my people block. Right now I'm wishing I was Japanese because then I could do this block!