Friday, June 18, 2010

Give Me Dollars, I Hate Change.

Pretty soon I will have to update my blog appearance. A few years ago, when I started my blog, this polka dotted background was one of the templates to choose from. I don't even think it is available anymore. It is so hard for me to go through any kind of change in my surroundings. I don't know what kind of mental disorder that is associated with, (maybe that is the OCD in me) but I can't do 'new'. In my house everything has a place (not that everything is in it...) and I am comfortable with the familiarity of it. I would be one of those ladies with avocado shag carpeting in her living room for 50 years simply because it is still clean, in good shape, and looks damn sexy. God I hate change. I stress about towels that have faded in the bathroom because ''I liked those. They were perfect for my color I have to come up with a replacement''. This is how I feel about changing my blog.

But the funny thing is...I almost always like the new towels, or the new carpet (orange-rust...JK!) It is just getting out of that comfortable place that I have created for myself. Now to relate this all to the quilting world:

You cannot have any fun quilting if you don't, on occasion, throw that yellow in...or lime green, or (gasp) orange-rust. Just do it. You will end up loving it even better.

Watch for my new and improved blog coming in the near future to computers near you.

p.s. picture was stolen from someone, who stole it from someone else. It is not of my home (thank God)


Rhonda said...

What wrong with holding onto those bath towels until they are thread-bare......just like when we were little!!!

Jackie said...

I can see why blog updating is something most of us don't like to do. HTML really is a foreign language!