Friday, April 25, 2008

will clean for fabric

O.K. y'all are going to think that I am weird. But, I love doing laundry. I love ironing. and I love doing the dishes. It could be the initial attack of the job that does it for me. First off you have this love/hate thing going on where you hate looking at the peanut butter and jelly sandwich stuck to the bottom of that plate and the mystery sippy cup that just turned up (take my advise and just throw the sippy cup out or when you open it you will be unconscious for the kids entire nap time and you don't want to miss that), or you love the smell of the new mountain breeze dish soap more than the scent of lingering stir fry that you made yesterday night. Maybe it is the before and after effect...come to think of it, I am quite sure that is it. I mean, I don't take before and after pictures and keep a log or anything too anal-retentive like that; Its just that I like to get the job done and stand back and enjoy the vision of what I accomplished. I think to myself, "Wow, even Martha freaking Stewart couldn't make my sink shine like that." I carry this into my hobby as well. You see, I take vintage quilt tops or blocks that I swear were sewn together in the dark with nothing but a hammer and band-saw, totally seam-rip the whole thing, iron all of the little pieces, then sew them back together. The uglier the quilt top the more that I love it. It is like this big challenge for me to make something of it. I do have standards though. Double-knit polyester is great to watch on fire and that is about it, so that comes out and fabric that is so weak that it would explode when you sneeze on it is not too great to keep, either. I can't wait to finish some of my projects that I have been working on so that I can make one of my beds, which I promised myself I would not do until then. Hey, I can't have a totally clean husband would raise his expectations of me.


Kath said...

"...a hammer and a band saw..."
Girl you crack me up!!!!!!!!!!

Theresa said...

Hey Monica... I'm gonna send you some fabric, cuz I never use it.. I have a sewing machine, but I'm more interested in beadwork, CRAPbooking, and stuff.... I never even use my sewing machine! Although I'm going to make Emily little sleeping bags for her baby dolls.. that'll be fun.