Thursday, April 17, 2008

Do be a drop-out.

I used to belong to a quilting group (bee) that would meet on a weekly basis. I belonged to this group for more than a few years, until last night. Now, let me tell ya that nothing really dramatic happened for those of you sickos that want the details of a steamy cat fight. It was more of a light being turned on and the desire for a quiet exit. You see, this group is VERY serious. My personality is such that you might lose a kidney laughing if you hang around me too much. (but I would gladly give you one of mine to replace the void). People who are too serious do not have a single thing wrong with them except that they do not understand people that have a crazy sense of humor. I am not insane, mind you. But it is very comforting to me to know that I could possibly have a great conversation with an insane person. I take great pride in that. Hell, they may even be relatives of mine. Scene Two: I went to a quilting retreat this last weekend with an awesome group of ladies that I only get to see once or twice a year. They are hilarious! But most importantly, I am understood by these ladies. I almost have the same level of funny. (but if you knew the 'Wacky Pack' you would understand that this is a very elite, widely known and esteemed group of ladies that don't let just any person join. You must pass a certain criteria.) Although I am not a member of their group, I at least feel like honorary guest. I think it was when one of these members wet their pants laughing that I realized that I really need to drop out of 'The Serious Ladies' bee. Sometimes it is O.K. to let go. No one is going to toilet paper my house over this for crying out loud. (thank God t.p. is expensive now). Let this be a lesson to all of you that time is too short to not be 100 percent crazy happy. Surround yourself with people who love you and who you love and I promise you will live longer...unless you lose your other kidney.


Kathy said...

Well, Well, Well, so the "Serious Ladies" lost a very talented lady in their group.

Yes, you are insane -- but I love it! You are a very happy person to be around and always make us laugh.

Thank you for recognizing that the Wacky Pack is "elite" LOL! We are just CRAZY! That's why we love you so much!

mjnauert said...

Thank you Kathy. You just made my day.

MOLLY said...

Oh my dear Monica--this is such a precious post----I SO WISH I HAD BEEN THERE WITH ALL YOU CRAZY "WACKY" GIRLS!!. We are retreating in Fairfield this next weekend--you should come--cause yes, you "Might" be an ornary member (Oh--did I say ORNARY? SORRY) YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. you go girl--FIND YOURSELF SOME CRAZIES.! Your blog is fantastic!!

mjnauert said...

Molly! I am so glad you commented. I would come in a dead second to Fairfield if it were not socially unacceptable to leave Connor to fend for himself! Kidding, Kidding. God, I am going to get locked up.