Tuesday, April 22, 2008

An army of one

Sorry everyone, for leaving you without my entertainment for the last two days. I had plenty to talk about; but I was so tired from lack of sleep to permit myself to type. Something really embarrassing would have been posted about myself...and you can delete posts (thank God), but it is usually too late and then everyone knows about the time that you had gummi bears stuck to your crotch from the movie theatre for an entire evening on a very important date with a handsome man. Oops, I must still be tired.
Connor (my son, the devil) received his big boy bed on Sunday. His Sunday nap went well. He climbed right in and grabbed his bunny (lovie) and went right to sleep. I am thinking at this point that I am probably the best mom in the world and knows everything there is to know about the psyche of a toddler. Apparently, toddlers don't have a psyche. Its called a psycho, AND they know when a great and wonderful mom like myself gets a little too confident in her parenting skills. I am quite sure that Sunday night, when Connor decided that he needed to wake up to practice getting out of bed every half hour, he wasn't really trying to destroy me. But, you know...it made me realize that one single toddler could take down as many adults as the plague. Last night was no different. but tonight I will lay down the law of momdom and then he will see who is really in charge. How am I going to do that you ask. I haven't the faintest idea.


Rhonda said...

Monica.........SSSssshhhhhhhhh.....honey let me tell you something girlfriend......Connor is in charge. He knows the ultimate secret....it's tire mom out and I get my way.....hehehehehehehehe

mjnauert said...

You got it girl! He only woke up three times last night. At least he is not breast-feeding!