Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Just Half a Pot, Please.

My coffee maker died a few days ago. I have been using a french press (which I am not complaining about...love my french press), but it is nice to just have a pot ready to go for a super industrious day. Since I have not had a drop of coffee yet today, I called my neighbor to beg for a pot of coffee in clamoring desperation. Actually, I said ''I have a desperate and unusual request of you.'' He says ''That is exactly how I like my women: desperate and unusual!''...such a comedian. So I run over there with my carafe and coffee like a heroin addict needing a fix. I am currently enjoying my first satisfying sip of flavorful, aromatic, french roast with a touch of amaretto. Thank you, thank you, thank you, God for supplying the earth with such wonderful neighbors.

My husband was having a hard time trying to figure out what to do for Valentine's day this year, and I said ''Are you kidding? We are getting a Bunn! that will be the best v-day gift ever!'' He is incredulous time and time again about his luck marrying a girl who could care less about jewelery, flowers, expensive shoes, etc. Instead, he got me, who is just fine with a bag of coffee, box of chocolate, bundle(s) of fabric...now, if cotton prices keep rising like they are, my taste may just have to rise with it.

My agenda for today is to put a border on one of Connor's scrap quilts. The backing needs to be prepared. Then I guess I will have to do some dishes...or something domestic.

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