Thursday, May 13, 2010

Peking up Projects

Now, y'all look here. I made this quilt top a few months back for B & B quilting in Buda, TX using the pattern ''Peking Kids''. I did the applique paper lamp border by machine. Very cute, very fast. They have kits of this available (512) 312-2299. Blank Textiles made the fabric. I am more of a reproduction fabric kinda gal, but this one sneaked into my brain somehow.

I went to my block exchange group tonight to find that I have been put in charge of the next swap. Maybe if my next set of blocks are sent in reeking of vodka, they will pass over me the next few times. Not a bad idea! Sounds like a win-win to me. Ha.ha. Nah, I really love it. It makes me feel like I am needed, wanted, and loved (when really, no one else wants to do it)

I am off to bed early tonight now! (12:44am)

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Rhonda said...

Monica this quilt is wonderful. You are so good and I love the borders.