Wednesday, May 19, 2010

BOM'n the sewing room

This is a picture of a block of the month quilt called 'Civil War Tribute' done by Homestead Hearth for Marcus Fabrics. I have been helping B and B quilting with the shop sample on this, and boy, oh boy is it something. I did the toughest blocks first (which is the norm for me). I figure that if I can get through the tough ones, the rest of them will be a breeze...and I was right. these other blocks that only have 50 pieces are much easier than the ones that have 99. I don't know where my brain was when I decided to sign up for the BOM. That means that I will be making many of these blocks twice! (or I could stick them in the box and pull them out after I have completely lost my will be new and exciting in 20 years!)


Rhonda said...

If anyone could do this it's you, Monica. And it will be beautiful!!

Jackie said...

Wowzer! 99 pieces in one block?! Unless they finish at 3 feet square, I'd be in trouble! :)