Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wow, I Feel Better Now

I have a real problem. A problem that no one can help me with. I have an 'acquaintance' that thinks that she is smarter than all authority. She has a G.E.D. (not that people with G.E.D.'s are stupid people...but let's just say that this particular person is definitely not advanced diploma-type material). She gets angry about a subject, then spouts off about it, saying how unfair it is that she is being treated this way. She pays to get advice from doctors, then she totally ignores everything they have to say. (what do they know?...) Then, she asks every one's opinion about it. Let me be the first to tell anyone reading this...if you ask for an opinion or advice, you better damn well be prepared to hear the answer. Well this is also the kind of person who only wants to hear your opinion if it is exactly the same as hers. If she would only take peoples advice (not even counting mine here) her quality of life would improve well beyond her means. But alas, she is so stubborn and has no chance in the near future to enjoy a happy life.

Now, I could be the kind of person who only tells people what they want to hear; but that would only make me a hypocrite. I take comfort in the fact that if a friend or relative or acquaintance wants or needs advice from me, I will give my honest feedback to them. I would want that in return. It may not always be the sweetest smell, but constructive criticism never is.

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Sunna Reyr said...

Some people are simply unhappy and rolling in it. It gives them some satisfaction to ask for advice and help and then snub the person who tried to help. I have had a friend that behaved like this and also from time to time some family members. I've learned to stay true to my self and that this is not my problem, you can't help people who do not really want help. They need to find some inner peace first.

P.s. I had just yesterday taken a look at your blog, wondering if all was not well. Nice to have you back to blog land.