Thursday, July 7, 2011

What I Deserve

Well, I am back. I truly enjoyed June with Alannah. I decided that I wasn't going to be tied down to my computer during that time so that I could spend all of that extra non-Facebook time with her. I found out that if you miss an entire month of Facebook, you can get some serious quilting done, you can churn butter, wash your laundry by hand, and build Rome. I hope to God that I don't have ''had the best time on Facebook with all 15 of her friends'' on my tombstone. I hope that it would at least have ''actually got that binding done'' somewhere on it.

I keep my computer in the kitchen/living room area, so that I can put out fires, pull the children out of the furniture, or wipe up emergency kool-aid spills (which, for some reason only gets spilled on a cloth or rug-type surface...) The kids are at that ''magical'' age where you can't even turn your back on them for a second. I have been getting ALL (and any) quilting done during the dark hours. I love being a Mom (I capitalize ''Mom'', because, well, It is a much tougher job than ''President'', and damn it, deserves to be capitalized). My days are chaotic, but I think God knows how much I enjoy my life of craziness. I grew up this way. I know not of normal. He is getting back at me for throwing my dad's tools in the Mouse River in Minot, N.D. as a small child...or maybe it was for eating ALL of mom's chocolate that she purchased to make Christmas candy one year. Could be running back and forth across 4 lanes of highway with my little brother and sister just to see if we could get them to honk at us...naaaahhhh!

It kind of scares the hell out of me, because I think that my kids have their best stuff in store for me in the near future. I caught Connor running around our neighborhood without a stitch of clothing on yesterday. THAT, is going to be my mildest experience with him, I am sure of it.

I do want to share some of the things that happen in my quieter hours. I have gotten a few things done at least.

I got this quilt top done for the quilt shop to be used as a store sample during the Quilt Across Texas Shop Hop that will be going on the entire month of September.

I have been getting some serious work done on McKenna's gown (maybe some pictures tomorrow?)

and I have a block swap due in August that I am almost done on...I really need to get pictures that progress as well...

I suppose tomorrow you will see some of my long as Facebook crashes.


Rhonda said...

I'm laughing here...... yea, you are getting a big payback..... but with your little cuties, I'll bet it's worth every moment!

Just-Do said...

I guess being a MOM is the same all over the planet!