Thursday, June 2, 2011

Busy as a Sloth

I have been getting some of the smaller projects done. Now, you may think that I am doing this to brag about all of the stuff that I am able to do with small children constantly underfoot; but the truth is that I have been wanting to clear out all of this small stuff to make room for my bigger projects. It is very stressful to look around a sewing area only to see 20 projects in various stages of completion; and these are not even counting my UFO stash. Sooooooo, get rid of the ones that you can get rid of quicker. Put them in a big pile in the back yard and throw a match on them and watch them burn, baby, burn...only kidding...sort of.

I had time somewhere between McKenna's 2am fit of hysterics and my 4am sleepy-time head bob to get this quilt top done (see picture above) It is only the size of a fat quarter; but it was one of those projects that I needed to purge from my sewing area. It is one of Lori Smith's Fat Quarter Quilting quilts from her Cherries, Chocolates, and Cream pattern packets, and it is also a shop sample. So nice to get it out of the way. I cannot work in a mess, it drives me crazy to do so. You have to remember that many times, small projects have just as much ''ingredients'' as large projects. So the more of those babies that you can get done, the cleaner your work area is and the happier a quilter you are. Plus, if you're not as stinkin' honest as I, you can show a picture of a small one and say it is a king size...almost no one will know.

I would like to get truckin' on those Texas blocks tonight and some flowers on McKenna's gown. This is, of course, if I get to the post office, grocery store, and coffee shop without getting lost.

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