Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mail Call! Mail Call!

Today is a day that made my last few weeks of stress so much better. I no longer have to carry a bottle of Chardonnay to bed with me. So here the story: (excuse) I have been working on applique blocks of tulips for B and B's Fall Frolic Shop Hop...(I know, I know...tulips in the fall...). I don't think that I have ever been so stressed on a deadline in my life. Gray hairs were erupting everywhere. My coffee cup has never been so abused. My sewing machine told me that I need to start paying her per hour now...but with the help of a few angels, my work got done. Unfortunately, I cannot share the picture of the quilt that we worked on until September, but I think that it will be worth the wait (weight) and wrinkles.

The only time that I got to relax (?) was when I got to work on the Posy Needle Case Applique Swap. Then, when I finished, in my zen-like state, I forgot to take a picture of the one that I made. I am a moron. But I hope that the gal I made it for loves it as much as I did making it. I almost had to ''lose'' her information and keep it for myself...(jk, jk). Anyway, so Tina Craig at Seaside Stitches made a needle case for me that fits my personality to a T. (see picture above) Isn't it the cutest?! One of the coolest parts of it is in the inside:

Isn't that just awesome! I love the selvages. So cool, so cool. But O.K., here is another part that I just love so much my toes are curling just thinking about it. She also sent me some scraps! YES! They are lovely, modern, trendy, hip, and I already tucked them into bed tonight because they were tired from the long trip from Rhode Island. (hey it could be worse, I could be a crazy cat lady, but I am allergic to cats so fabric is the next best thing. Right?)

So yah, I have already decided that Tina rocks, even though I have only met her through the mail and a blog, but I would probably scare the hell out of her if I met her in real life. Like a dog meeting a squirrel for the first time. Thank you, Tina, and bless your heart.


Rhonda said...

Hi Monica.....glad you're not stressed anymore.....

Michelle said...

That is so cool - I did the needlecase swap too and it was such fun! I came to visit your blog because of your kind comment about my little dog passing - Thank you so much!