Sunday, July 4, 2010


Hello all! Happy Fourth of July. Belated of course. Deadlines, holidays and birthdays seem to sneak by me when I am unconscious or not paying attention, so I am celebrating Independence Day today; although, my version of the holiday is about breaking away from my projects which seem to explode in numbers like a gremlin in a swimming pool. I am getting them done. They will torment me no longer. They will succumb to the power of the seam ripper. I can do this. I am the master of my quilts. I am the captain of my sewing room.

Well, the quilt top that you see above is a test for a copy-written pattern that I designed to be very, very simple. It uses three 1 yard cuts of fabric, ending up being crib sized. I know that it is not intricate, but I really designed it for the quilt shop to use for ideas on fabric. Here is the deal: I need a few people that wouldn't mind testing the pattern for me so that I can get some constructive criticism and feedback. I would supply the pattern and the 3 yards of fabric. I only need 3 or 4 people to try it. It is very simple and could feasibly be done in a day. (just the top is required, no layering, no batting, no backing, no quilting). Then, I would require that you send me a picture of the top, and feedback....whaddya think? You are allowed to drink beer while working on this one, folks.

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Cat B said...

If it is really ezpz then I'll give it a go . . . .