Sunday, September 21, 2008

Nervous Twitch

I really wanted to show pictures of the project that I am working on, but since it is a surprise, I just cannot. I will, however; share with you a picture of one of the blocks that I have made for a quilt that I plan on finishing by my 98th birthday. They say a person who fails to plan, plans to fail, so I had to set an official date. Maybe I should have a countdown bar located in my blog. I will be 35 in October so I really should get working on it. This is one block from the Nearly Insane quilt from the book with the same title by Liz Lois. It measures 6" finished. Yes. That means that the tiny blue diamond that you see in the center is 1/2 inch square and the little triangles surrounding it are smaller. I have decided (in my fragile mentality) that it should be done completely by hand. The block you see above was completely hand pieced. I figured that since I was able to complete this one, I should tackle the hardest one in the book has 229 pieces. I have the hardest part of it done already. Now you all know why I need so much coffee and chocolate...and therapy.


Kathy said...

WHAT in the name of John Wayne's Ass are you thinking??????? Obviously, you are NOT THINKING.

No wonder you are a NUT CASE! LOL!

It will be a beautiful quilt but I'll never get to see if if you don't finish before your 98th birthday!

Rhonda said...

Monica, I knew that there was something very wrong with you but couldn't put my finger on it. Now I know.....hand piecing! Are you nuts? Those tiny pieces, I can accept because that's just the way you are but the hand-work.....don't make me come down there.hehehehehehehehe

Suzy said...

Just found your blog and LOVE IT! What a great sense of humor you have. Love your projects, too. :o)

Material Girl said...

I admire your 6" block. I love a challenge and it makes me want to try it. I read about that quilt on some other website this weekend but can't remember where. I also like to "lock" myself in my sewing room to regain my sanity. Thanks for sharing! Debbie