Friday, September 19, 2008

Baby Steps

If organization is the key, the lock must be around here some place. I usually go through my desk about once a month to clean it off. My brain cannot work with clutter so I need to do this or go insane. If it goes a few months without a good methodical shuffling, I will out of nowhere grab an armful and bring it to the good ol' grill outside and make up a bunch of Smores over the soon to be missing phone numbers of gynecologists and expired coupons to that awesome restaurant that I beg my husband to at least drive by every once and awhile. I have one of those desks that is considered the kitchen desk, but is in the hall by the garage. It is built in, so the outlets are above the desktop on the wall instead of below. The result is a spaghetti pile of cords from all kinds of electronics sitting on my work surface. It is a feng shui disaster. I have decided to make a shelf to cover the mess and to give me my area back so that I can keep my phone, calendar, pen cup and sanity on soon as I find them. I thought about buying one of those cute paperweights, but really it would have to be a brick/bungee-cord contraption to do the trick and I just haven't found one of those in the right color. So, until I get this shelf done, I have promised myself to go through 30 minutes of papers and files a day until I catch up to that utopia that everyone tells me about. Does anyone out there know how to make Smores in that one room that the dishwasher is in? I think I may need that recipe soon.

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StitchinByTheLake said...

I know exactly how you feel! I have to be organized or I can't work. My sister can work in chaos and I am in awe. blessings, marlene