Wednesday, February 27, 2013

You're Dragging Me Down, Kid.

Wednesday.  Hump Day. The day that we all share our W.I.P.'s. I have been working on my goal list from Monday, and am very happy to report that I can cross one item off.  I worked at B and B Quilts in Buda last night, helping with the plans for a quilt in an upcoming shop hop.  I have stalled on that because I need to put EQ7 on my new computer from my old one, before I can tackle any plans for that.  Tonight?  I hope to get the border pieces cut on that baby quilt today. Maybe I can start cutting on the backing for the quilt for my brother. 
Here is a new little project for me this week as well:
My dear, sweet, loving daughter, who is enjoying age 3, thought it would be helpful to cut into one of my grannie square blocks that a friend made in a block exchange.  Nice.  At least it wasn't one of my applique blocks...ha, ha!!!  What the hell is applique?!  I don't get a whole lot of time to do that anymore because of my dear, sweet, loving daughter...I hope to get that fixed today.

I got that block fixed that was on my goal list. I had made the outer pieces to this block scrappy, when it was supposed to be matchy-matchy in each corner, so I got out my extensive seam ripper collection and went to town on it.  Luckily, these are all fabrics that I currently have in my own stash, in the event that McKenna would like to help me out again.  Looking forward to it.
...and Just So You Know:  When you learn that something is poisonous, it does not necessarily mean that it will kill you.  It may just make you terribly ill. (YAY!).  So, poisonous can mean 'deadly', but it can also just simply make you sick.  I have thus concluded that children are poisonous.


Rhonda said...

Little one can be "so" helpful!!

suemac said...

From Quiltcon back to the real world.