Monday, July 16, 2012

Fabric Hibernation

Well, I have really had a 'come to Jesus' meeting with myself in the past few weeks.  I spent crazy amounts of money on fabric.  Fabric that, in all fairness, I have been waiting on for arrival.  They all came out at the same time and dented the hell out of the (our) pocketbook.  I actually am quite ashamed of it, and glad that I am; otherwise, I would turn into someone I really hope to never meet.  So, I will be paying very close attention to what I am spending my money on in the next few months, so that I (we) can catch back up again.  I am not saying that I won't be cuddling any new fabrics, because I did pre-order some things that will start showing up soon....but I really need to start cuddling finished blocks, or a quilted 'something or other'.

The remainder of July, and all of August will be spent in non-shopping mode.  I will be getting a spectacular amount of things done in the sewing room (like cleaning it), sewing projects that I would like to get the hell out of there (for a change), really making an attempt at tutorials...(I would do fancy video ones someday if anyone out there has some tips for me; but for now, pictures will do the trick), I have designed some patterns, tested them, and completed all text directions, but I need to figure out how to build the cute little diagrams that the professionals use.  I have been putting that off because...I have been too busy melting the credit card.  I have some patterns that I still need to test and maybe submit to a few periodicals.  I might even have time to feed and bathe my children...or do laundry.  But not both.

Living 'skinny', I thought that I might have to put the family on a ramen dinner diet for a while, but that would not be fair to them.  What I did do, is attack the recipe card box that mom gave to me years ago.  We grew up very simply and ate very well.  I remember this recipe being a very healthy, very inexpensive one, and surprisingly delicious:

Lentil Casserole

1 cup lentils (remove stones if needed)
3 cups chicken broth
1/2 cup brown rice
1/2 cup chopped onion
1/2 tsp. garlic powder
1 tsp. Italian seasoning
1 cup grated cheddar cheese

Combine all ingredients except cheese in casserole dish.  Cover and cook at 300 degrees for an hour.  Sprinkle cheese on top, return to oven without cover and cook for 20 more minutes.

the great thing about this recipe is that all of your protein and carbs are right there, so all you have to do is add a side salad, green vegetable, and/or dinner roll.  Do any of you have low-cost recipes to share?  Because there is this Chicopee line that I have been eying.


Jackie said...

It's so hard to resist the new fabrics coming out. I too need to finish or make significant progress on some of the projects I've already started.

Rhonda said...

Hey girlfriend. Cleaning the sewing room leads to finding more projects you'd forgotten....LOL

krista said...

HI!!! we're best pals now! (i'm klynq on flickr... the one with the vintage epp kites)Anyways, I hear ya on the fabric thing. Though I learned a while back that if I don't go to the fabric store, I don't have to buy any. And while everyone geeks over the same stuff I kind of back off, not wanting to participate. although i totally geeked over DS quilts at joanns a good 5 months after the initial hype wore off, lol.

and anymore, I have SO MANY UFO's that buying new fabric makes me sick to my stomach (you know, once the uber happy "after purchase" endorphins wear off and the guilt sets in... hehehe!!)

good luck surviving on ramen. you surely arent the only one!

suemac said...

I am trying not to buy anything that I do not need to complete a current UFO. This month I have done pretty well. The only thing I went crazy on was batting. Joann's had it 50% off.