Thursday, March 17, 2011

I Am Quilting...I Swear!

I need to get to ''done'' on a project. A few of these projects are nowhere close to being completed. Not anytime in the next few years. Others are projects that are impressive and will get done soon, but I am not allowed to show you pictures of them; such as the block that I am making for the Austin Area Quilt Guild's raffle quilt. There is supposed to be an unveiling of it a long time from today, so sometime the future you will all be wondering how I get all of these fabulous things done.

Here is my secret:

1) stockpile finished projects and only use your camera once a year to take pictures of them.
2) sign up for tons of small projects. ''Hey, look at this kick-ass seam ripper case that I made!''
3) give your stuff to other people to finish, then take credit for getting it done . (well, I did put the binding on...)
4) start giving yourself credit for pulling fabric off of the shelf for a project. Sometimes, it takes me an 8 hour day to pull a stack of fabric for a project. 7 hours of it is spent cleaning, cooking, washing kids, and putting out small fires. 1 hour spent hiding behind my sewing desk with chocolate and a quilting book.
5) Pull out projects that you finished years ago, then ''re-post'' them. No one remembers (or cares?) about the quilt you finished in 1992. Go ahead, technically, it's almost vintage.
6) and now, I am going to start posting blocks that I finished, even if they are a nine patch. Like I said a few posts back, a nine patch is quite an accomplishment to me these days.

It is now 12:30 in the morning. I have a fresh pot of coffee. I am going into my sewing room.


Kathy said...

You Crazy Woman!!! I love reading your blog. I love the pic in this post too! I remember those days!

Christine said...

Oh sweetie mine!

You are an absolute scream! You should call me at those wee hours in the morning (night??) when you are having fun working. No wonder I can't get to sleep before 2am...I am so accustomed to doing it that's so peaceful, the energy level of the area is low (I was going to say world, but half the world is AWAKE), NO ONE is bothering me (including hubby) and I can get a thought out in one line, without it being interrupted.

I recently have no kids at home anymore.

I still do this and stay awake all hours thinking and planning.............

I WANNA SEE THE BLOCKS! I need some inspiration...

hugs, Christine

Wendy said...

Oh you are funny! I'm glad to see you here again :) I have to say when I posted the other day that I hadn't been twiddling my thumbs someone said to me, "well you do have a house, a husband and two kids" and I thought, Oh? ... yeah, I guess my priorities get skewed... Guess I need to restock my chocolate and drinks in the sewing room so I don't have that moment of clarity again anytime soon. I love your posts!! Thanks for sharing :)