Friday, October 10, 2008

Before and After

I can finally post pictures of Kath's quilt top. She has been so wonderful and patient while I babysat it for her. This first picture is the 'before' picture; that is, before I started sewing the outer border that you see. This is an image from my EQ6.

Here is what the quilt top looks like now that I got it sewn together and mailed off to Kathleen.


Rhonda said...

As usual Monica, you're done wonders again. The quilt is beautiful. I've seen it in person and Kath is very proud of it.

MOLLY said...

Monica--I must say that you did an awesome job. It is great. I love the idea of the flying geese in the "sky", the canoes in the water on the side, the bear tracks at the "bottom" and then of course the tree. The outside on point border just finished it off to perfection. It is great. Really--WONDERFUL JOB

mjnauert said...

Carol Brown, a most talented and precisioned piecer, did the flying geese border with the crossing canoes...I did the border with the churn dash, or hole in the barn door blocks. I just dont want to take credit for someone else's work should anyone read these comments...Thank you Rhonda and Molly!